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Aven is a town of about 2,000 on a large lake. The area has been on the decline for over a century, but especially since Lord Kerrigan left with the army 15 years ago to fight a distant war. Monsters have overrun many smaller villages, keeps, and monasteries. Aven’s population has a human majority, with halflings as the second most prevalent race and dwarves as the third most prevalent. A tribe of elves live in a nearby forest. Only a few dragonborn and tiefling live in the town, and eladrin only occasionally pass through.

Cast of Characters

Lord Kerrigan: Recently returned from war with a handful of survivors, including Sully. He would like to rebuild his lands and eradicate all of the roaming monsters, but he returned from the war blinded. With no army, no eyesight, and no heir, Lord Kerrigan is worried for his lands.

Lady Kerrigan: Married to Lord Kerrigan just before he left for war. In his absence she was the ruler of Aven, and many in town still consider her as such.

Marcus Cozestro: During Lord Kerrigan’s absence Marcus often advised Lady Kerrigan, and there are many rumors in town about the two. Marcus knows several magical rituals which he will perform for a fee.

Maven Griffinback: One of the richest inhabitants of Aven. She is an elderly dwarf who handles all the stone that comes through Aven from the dwarven quarries.

Rufin Feedle: A shady human trader who runs merchant ships out of Aven. He might be able to provide magic items of questionable provenance, and he’s willing to buy anything he thinks he can resell at a profit, no questions asked.

Mila Fumbledon: The young halfling owner of the Horseshoe, where Ander works as a bouncer. In the few years since she inherited the Horseshoe, Mila has turned it into the most agreeable tavern in town.

Rarg Stormclaw: Rarg was born to a small family of itinerant dragonborn. His ancestors had not weathered well the decline and fall of the old dragonborn empire. Though they were once highly regarded warriors and battle leaders, the Stormclaw clan had in recent generations become little more than hired swords with a greater sense of honor and justice than the average mercenary band. As is the tradition among dragonborn, Rarg, being a male hatchling, was raised by his father while his mother only occasionally looked in on his progress. Rarg’s father, Grar, was a sub-commander of the Stormclaws, and taught his only male offspring everything he knew about battle tactics. Over the ages, Stormclaw tactics had evolved to incorporate many different styles of fighting and methods of directing forces. This is why Rarg’s “Commanding Presence” is “Resourceful,” instead of “Inspiring.”

When Rarg reached adulthood, 15 among dragonborn, he joined his father in battle for the first time. He loved the thrill of the fight and testing his mettle against enemies of all sorts, but he noticed a feeling of emptiness, within himself and his comrades in arms. Dragonborn always enjoy a fight, but they are bred for wars of honor and defense. Fighting for hire was not their way, but the clan was dwindling and they had no lands to protect. Rarg’s life changed when he saw his father die in an ambush while guarding a merchant caravan. Such a meaningless death was unbefitting of a proud dragonborn warrior, and Rarg decided that such a fate would never befall him. He now travels the lands, seeking out adventure, fame, and glory, all the while searching for clues to the whereabouts of his clan’s ancestral home and any long-lost relatives that may still be alive somewhere.

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